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Flat Roof Repair Project in Lewisham, Greater London

The pictures below are of one of our latest flat roof repair jobs for a roof on a property in Lewisham in Greater London.

The roof in question was approximately 200 M2 and was constructed of stramit boards and asphalt. The roof was leaking severely with numerous cracks. The parapet walls were also badly in need of repair with crumbling brickwork that needed to be replaced.

Firstly we cleared and cleaned the flat roof area and repaired the numerous cracks in the substrate with exterior grade latex. We then rendered the parapet walls to complete the repair. The whole roof, including the parapet walls, was then fully encapsulated using the 3M Skotchkote Roofing System to give a fuly bonded, completely waterproofed finish.

Commercial Balcony Waterproofing in Brighton

In July of 2009 Flat Roof Recovery was asked by a major international finance company to quote for a job that they wanted carrying out at their prestigious European headquarters in Brighton, East Sussex. This commercial flat roofing job was amongst one of the biggest balcony waterproofing repair and recovery projects that we had ever carried out and the logistics of covering such a space were pretty taxing!

The job was to waterproof a balcony that was over 1000 m2, a job that we completed during the month of July 2009 using the Sealofex liquid waterproofing system. In the end this job turned out to be an incredibly rewarding challenge that tested our roofing skills. A job of this size is a rare challenge and a bit different to our usual bread and butter domestic flat roofing jobs.