Domestic Flat Roof Recovery Project in Sittingbourne Kent.

The images below are from a recent flat roof project that The Flat Roof Recovery Company carried out at a house in Sittingbourne, Kent.

The existing flat roof was originally covered with green mineral felt and, as you can see, a significant amount of moss! We quickly got to work and soon had the flat roof surface cleaned and cleared of debris. After this the total felt flat roof surface was encapsulated using the 3M Skotchkote Roofing System. The waterproofing system was continued up and onto the parapet walls to fully encapsulate all potential problem areas.

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  1. What type of cleaner and processes did you use for this process?  There are not a lot of flat roofs in my area, but I have noticed a few that are looking similar to this. Also, any types of special procedures you need to follow to protect the finish of the roof. 

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