Flat Roof Repair Project in Lewisham, Greater London

The pictures below are of one of our latest flat roof repair jobs for a roof on a property in Lewisham in Greater London.

The roof in question was approximately 200 M2 and was constructed of stramit boards and asphalt. The roof was leaking severely with numerous cracks. The parapet walls were also badly in need of repair with crumbling brickwork that needed to be replaced.

Firstly we cleared and cleaned the flat roof area and repaired the numerous cracks in the substrate with exterior grade latex. We then rendered the parapet walls to complete the repair. The whole roof, including the parapet walls, was then fully encapsulated using the 3M Skotchkote Roofing System to give a fuly bonded, completely waterproofed finish.

5 thoughts on “Flat Roof Repair Project in Lewisham, Greater London”

  1. This kind of flat roofing can be made more enjoyable if you put up seats along with a breezy tent. You can even include tables for people to enjoy eating there while enjoying a pleasant view from the rooftop.

  2. That roof must have been old, that’s why the property had leaking problems. But I’m sure the tenants will now be freed of anxiety with those cracks all covered up. You did a great job in repairing that flat roof.  It looks as if it’s new again.

  3. That is quite an extensive project.  Repairing flat roofs is always a little bit different because your mistakes are magnified.  Can you tell us a little bit more about the product you used to seal the entire roof?

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