Domestic Flat Roof Recovery Project in Sittingbourne Kent.

The images below are from a recent flat roof project that The Flat Roof Recovery Company carried out at a house in Sittingbourne, Kent.

The existing flat roof was originally covered with green mineral felt and, as you can see, a significant amount of moss! We quickly got to work and soon had the flat roof surface cleaned and cleared of debris. After this the total felt flat roof surface was encapsulated using the 3M Skotchkote Roofing System. The waterproofing system was continued up and onto the parapet walls to fully encapsulate all potential problem areas.

Flat Roof Repair Project in Lewisham, Greater London

The pictures below are of one of our latest flat roof repair jobs for a roof on a property in Lewisham in Greater London.

The roof in question was approximately 200 M2 and was constructed of stramit boards and asphalt. The roof was leaking severely with numerous cracks. The parapet walls were also badly in need of repair with crumbling brickwork that needed to be replaced.

Firstly we cleared and cleaned the flat roof area and repaired the numerous cracks in the substrate with exterior grade latex. We then rendered the parapet walls to complete the repair. The whole roof, including the parapet walls, was then fully encapsulated using the 3M Skotchkote Roofing System to give a fuly bonded, completely waterproofed finish.

Timber Boarded Wooden Flat Roof Repair in Gravesend, Kent

The images in this post show a flat roofing project that The Flat Roof Recovery Company carried out recently on a domestic flat roof in Gravesend, Kent.

The roof had formerly been covered with fibreglass (GRP roofing) but during a particularly bad storm the glass fibre flat roof blew off.  The roof was blown some distance by the wind and eventually ended up on Gravesend high street!  The roof size to be re-roofed was approximately 250 M2, the Flat Roof Recovery Company re-boarded the roof and finished off by waterproofing the boards with the Sealolfex cold applied liquid roofing system.  The home owners can now rest assured that their roof is not going to blow away again and they have a roof that will give them peace of mind for years to come.

3M Scotchkote for a lead effect roof in Sevenoaks

The latest project that the Flat Roof Recovery Company has completed was an interesting re-roof project in a conservation area in Sevenoaks., Kent. We were asked to provide a finish that was to give the effect of the roof being covered with lead when in actual fact it was to be waterproofed using the cutting edge 3M Scotchkote Liquid Roofing System.

The roofing system was built up in layers with a CSM Fiberglass matting being added as an extra layer of reinforcement. The finished roof has received an impressive guarantee of a full 25 years. (images 1,2,3) show the Embedment coating being applied to the roof boards which have had wooden mop rolls added to give the finished flat roof the distinctive appearance of lead. Having lead on your roof can sometimes be very attractive to thieves.  If a theft occurs untold damage can be cause to the roof costing untold amounts to repair and significantly increasing insurance premiums.

The 3M Scotchkote Roofing System, when fully and professionally installed, gives the appearance of lead with the added bonus of zero value to any would be thieves. As I’m sure you can see the finished appearance of this flat roof 3M Scotchkote does indeed give a brilliant lead look finish to this roof. (images 4,5,6,7).

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